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The Library hosts occasional talks and events. Transcriptions or downloads of talks, when available, will be posted here.

What happened to the light within?

"What happened to the light within?" is talk given by Rex Ambler to the Quaker History Group on February 25th 2014 . The Light Within was a central idea of the Quakers when their movement began, and continued to be. But its meaning changed over time, and now it is not so clear what it means, or might mean, or even what it meant at the beginning. This talk explored that early meaning and to trace the changes it underwent in the course of our history. The talk complement the pamphlet  published by Rex Ambler with Pendle Hill Publications: The Light Within: then and now.

The London Friends' Meetings

The London Friends’ Meetings by William Beck and T. Frederick Ball. An introduction to the new and expanded reprint which is due to be published in September 2009” is a talk by Peter Daniels given at the Annual General Meeting Day of the Quaker Family History Society on 20 June 2009.

Biography as the Foundation of History

"Biography as the Foundation of History" is a talk by Edward H Milligan, librarian of the Society of Friends, 1957-1985 and compiler of the Biographical Dictionary of British Quakers in Commerce and Industry 1775-1920 recently published by Sessions of York.

The talk was given at The Library, Friends House, London on 14 February 2008 in association with the Friends Historical Society and lasts for 42 minutes. To download the file, please click on the link below. The whole file must be downloaded before it can be played. This may take a few minute.

The talk can also be heard in-browser using the player below (may take a short while to start loading).