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Meeting for Sufferings

Meeting for Sufferings

Meeting for Sufferings is the standing representative body entrusted with the care of the business of the Britain Yearly Meeting through the year.

Meeting for Sufferings has a visionary and prophetic role for the whole Society in Britain. It decides the priorities and sets the direction of the Yearly Meeting in the Long Term Framework. Meeting for Sufferings also plays a vital role in fostering communication throughout the Yearly Meeting and in reviewing and testing concerns referred to it by area meetings. It also gives guidance on policy issues referred to it by BYM Trustees.

Meeting for Sufferings

  •  takes decisions
  •  receives information from other parts of the Yearly
  •  helps other parts of the Yearly Meeting
  •  informs Friends about its work
  •  is a worshipping community

Contacting Meeting for Sufferings
You can get in touch with Meeting for Sufferings:
By email –
By telephone – Juliet Prager on 0207 663 1101
In writing – to Meeting for Sufferings at Friends House, 173 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ

If your Area Meeting decides to forward a minute to Meeting for Sufferings, you will find it helpful to refer to the dates of forthcoming meetings.

Please note that only the following bodies can send Meeting for Sufferings a minute signed by or on behalf of their clerk: Area meetings, General Meeting for Scotland, the Meeting of Friends in Wales, Six Weeks Meeting, Young Friends General Meeting, the Britain Yearly Meeting Trustees and the standing committees appointed by Yearly Meeting.

There is more about Meeting for Sufferings here.

Chapter 7 of Quaker faith & practice explains the history, functions and constitution of Meeting for Sufferings.