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Quakers work locally, nationally and internationally for peace, social justice, and an end to conflict. To find out more you can read about our work programmes or visit our news and events page for the latest updates.

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Quaker News is a magazine about work Britain Yearly Meeting does on behalf of all Quakers in Britain. It is published three times a year.

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Quaker News 101 - Autumn 2018

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Quaker News 100 - Summer 2018

Quaker News 99 - Winter/spring 2018

Quaker News 98 - Autumn 2017

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Paper copies of Quaker News are available for free at local Quaker meetings. If your meeting would like to adjust the number it receives, or would like to request back issues in either standard or large-print versions, please email, phone 020 7663 1157 or write to Bex Gerrard, Communication & Services, Friends House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

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