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Quakers and peace

Quakerism is a way of life that is shaped by a deep commitment to peace, simplicity, truth and equality. This commitment is rooted in and nourished by our experience of silent and attentive worship and grows from a belief in the sanctity of all life.

Video: Make peace a way of life

QW-posters-claudia.jpgFor Quakers, the source and inspiration for all we do is in our worship. We join together in expectant silence, opening our hearts to the Divine, both beyond and within ourselves. This helps to shape our relationships and our daily lives, informing our choices and challenging us to live a different kind of life. It also leads to our passionate and peaceful engagement with the world.

Quakers have always sought to live out these values, both individually and as a community, in the ordinary detail of our lives and in the wider world. We campaign and raise awareness around issues of economic and social justice; we offer support and guidance to those seeking alternatives to violence; we work to challenge and change the circumstances that lead to war.

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