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Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) Correspondents

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QPSW Correspondents are appointed by the local Meeting.

‘Local meeting correspondents (4.38.j) receive and distribute news of the work of Britain Yearly Meeting by keeping in touch with…. Quaker Peace & Social Witness. It is equally important that correspondents send local news to Friends and others elsewhere through these central channels….

The local meeting clerk or convenor should send the name of the correspondent, upon appointment, to the appropriate department…..’ (From Quaker Faith and Practice 8.13)

QPSW Correspondents help Friends to witness on peace and social issues by being the main link between their local Meeting and QPSW in London, and between their local meeting and other meetings via QPSW.

They will inform their Meetings of opportunities for learning and action, including new resources produced by QPSW, (such as briefings, packs and exhibitions), and help to raise their Meeting’s awareness of the work that QPSW undertakes on behalf of Friends.

They will also support the treasurer in ensuring that the financial needs of their meeting and the yearly meeting are properly understood by members.

Why QPSW correspondents are important

The Framework for Action (2009 – 2014) calls for Friends in Britain to adopt a new way of working which is mutually supportive and deepens our sense of community with one another.

Staff involved in centrally managed work, want to share this work with Friends in local meetings and engage their support for it.

Friends in local meetings are engaged in many acts of witness and want to share this work or exchange experience with other Friends.

It is also important for us all to continue exploring what the Quaker testimonies to peace, simplicity, equality and truth mean in faith and practice today.

To develop this sense of community and shared work, and to continue with our exploration of the testimonies, we all need to improve the communication and support we give to each other and correspondents are the lynchpin in this.

They will be the key point of contact within their local meeting both in terms of understanding and advocating the centrally managed work of Britain Yearly Meeting, and ensuring that the witness work of their local meeting is communicated via QPSW to other local Friends.

Contacting QPSW

Please let QPSW know the name of your local meeting QPSW correspondent by contacting:

Elizabeth Payne
Quaker Communication & Services
Friends House
173 Euston Road
London, NW1 2BJ

Telephone: 020 7663 1158

November 2012