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QPSW placements and peaceworkers

Quaker Peace & Social Witness provides one-year opportunities in the UK and overseas with voluntary organisations that work for peace at local, national and international level.

For an insight into their work, please see the video below.

Six Quaker Peaceworkers share their stories from Quakers in Britain on Vimeo.

All one-year workers write journal letters three times a year about their experiences. Sign up to receive the journal letters using the sign-up box on the journal letters web page.

Read their PO Box Peace blog to learn more about their work.


The placement workers for 2013-2014 are

L-R: Back row - Josep, Andy, Andrew. Front row - Claire, Emily, Angharad

UK Peaceworkers

Andrew Dey is placed jointly with War Resisters International (WRI) and Action AWE in London.  His work with WRI is with the Nonviolence programme, producing a revised version of the WRI Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns and revising, updating and making more accessible online resources on nonviolence training and campaigning. For Action AWE he is devising and implementing a national outreach and mobilisation strategy, including organising presentations and workshops to prepare for actions and events.

Andy Pask is placed with Cord in Leamington Spa.  He is examining links between environmental justice, economic justice and peacebuilding within Cord’s Solar Cooker programme in Chad and reviewing lessons learned and best practices.  One outcome will be a publication for peacebuilding practitioners and organising and co-facilitating an event in the UK (and possibly in Chad) to launch the publication and discuss the findings.

Angharad Thain is placed with St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in London.  She is responsible for the delivery and development of the ‘Faith in Conflict’ project, which aims to improve understanding within faith communities of the causes of conflict within their own ranks, develop effective tools and practices which are consistent with each community’s culture and beliefs, and change attitudes so that conflict is recognised as an opportunity for individual and collective spiritual growth. Angharad will also assisting in organising St E’s regular training events in dialogue, facilitation, storytelling and conflict resilience.

Burundi Peaceworkers

Edith Kaze is working for Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC).  Edith will collaborate with HROC staff to design a funding proposal to do trauma recovery, gardening and environmental sustainability with youth in Bujumbura.  She will also help HROC evaluate its impact and report to donors on its ongoing trauma recovery and sustainable livelihood projects.

Josep Garcia i Coll will be placed with an international organisation, Search for Common Ground, in Burundi.  Search uses radio and other forms of media to build social cohesion in a country that was wracked by civil war for over a decade.  They also work with youth and with women on civic engagement and leadership development, especially in the lead up to the elections which will be held throughout 2015.

QUNO Geneva programme assistants

Emily Graham is the Quaker United Nations Geneva programme assistant working on the Human Rights and Refugees programme.  She will work across the main programme areas of children of prisoners, protection of refugees, conscientious objection to military service, rights of indigenous people and women in prison.  She will also be following the Human Rights Council.

Claire Rodgerson is the Quaker United Nations Office Geneva programme assistant working on Global Economic Issues.  Her work will focus in particular on trade and investment in agriculture, from a food security and equity perspective.



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