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QPSW placements and peaceworkers

Quaker Peace & Social Witness provides one-year opportunities in the UK and overseas with voluntary organisations that work for peace at local, national and international level.

For an insight into their work, please see the video below.

Six Quaker Peaceworkers share their stories from Quakers in Britain on Vimeo.

All one-year workers write journal letters three times a year about their experiences. Sign up to receive the journal letters using the sign-up box on the journal letters web page.

Read their PO Box Peace blog to learn more about their work.


The placement workers for 2014-2015

Back row - left to right - Elisa Haf, David Elliott, Zena John, Matthew Burnett-Smith
Front row - left to right - Linda Kitenge, Betsy Barkas

UK Peaceworkers

Matthew Burnett-Stuart will be placed with Campaign Against Arms Trade, London.  The main aims of his work will be to bring in new audiences, mobilise CAAT supporters throughout the UK and spread CAAT's anti-militarist message.  Matthew will also be working on the World War One project, organising talks and events across the UK and engaging new audiences in the debate such as women's resistance to WW1 and conscientious objectors. He will also be working on the Renewables project and promoting CAAT's message about the benefits of shifting jobs from the arms trade into the renewable energy sector.

Elisa Haf will be placed with War Resisters International (WRI) and ForcesWatch, London.  WRI promotes nonviolent action against the causes of war and supports and connects people around the world who refuse to take part in war of the preparation of war.  It has two main programme areas: The Right to Refuse to Kill: WRI works in support of conscientious objectors and against the militarisation of youth. Nonviolence Programme: Promotion and development of campaigns and resources in nonviolence, specifically for those working against war profiteering.

Betsy Barkas will be placed with Oxford Research Group, London.  Oxford Research Group (ORG) is an independent NGO and registered charity, which works together with others to promoted a more sustainable approach to security.  ORG has been building trust between policy-makers, academics, the military and civil society since 1982.

East Africa Peaceworkers

Zena John will be placed with INIREC (Initiatives pour la Reconciliation Communautaire) in Uvira, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  INIREC is a small local peacebuilding organisation, with Quaker roots.  Uvira is a town just over the border from Burundi, a short drive from Bujumbura.  INIREC believe that every person and human community has positive values that can be drawn out, encouraged and used to build peace.  They believe that effective and lasting peace can only result when all members of a community are involved.

Linda Kitenge will be placed with Elections Early Warning Early Response Network (INAMA) via Action for Peace and Development (APD) in Bujumbura, Burundi. INAMA works on collaborating with network members to define key violence and peace indicators and designing strategies of response.

QUNO Geneva programme assistants

David Elliott will be placed at the Quaker United Nations Office, Geneva, and he will be the Programme Assistant in Food & Sustainability and Climate Change.  He will be working on the Food and Sustainability programme on work relating to agricultural trade and investment and on intellectual property of plants.  The work also includes a support role to QUNO’s Bonn-based Representative for Climate Change, especially in preparation for the international climate change negotiations and in maintaining strong linkages between QUNO’s work in Geneva and in Bonn.