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Quaker Life Network


What is the Network?

The Quaker Life Network brings together Friends who are willing to help strengthen and sustain the spiritual life of our Yearly Meeting. Members of the Network nourish the Quaker community by exchanging ideas and good practice. They provide support for each other and help with Quaker Life’s work of supporting Friends and meetings around Britain.

Can I join the Network?

Yes! The Network is open to all who wish to share ideas, good practice and experience. We need Friends with enthusiasm, skills and experience. But also Friends who are willing to receive training for particular roles. And who feel able to say “no” when the time is not right. There is no minimum time requirement.

If you would like to join the Network and receive the regular e-news update that keeps you informed about Quakers in Britain and the opportunities that arise please visit

If you have already subscribed to the Network email and you would like to complete an expression of interest form this can be done securely online by visiting expression of interest form [secure link]. Also available to download from this location is a Word version of the form if you prefer to print this and send it in the post.

Quaker Life in meetings

Being Friends Together

Quaker Life and Woodbrooke are now offering Being Friends Together to meetings. This is a new resource and is based around a web resource offering 'ways in' to different activities and opportinities for shared learning and development. Meetings can ask for visitors to come to work with them to develop their learning and experience. This relationship can be for a short time or can continue as the meeting would like. The resource has also been developed so that it is accessible for use without guidance.

For more information contact


Between 2010 and 2012, Quaker Life offered the chance for meetings to ask for facilitated day long events called Explorations. These were hugely popular and many meetings enjoyed the opportunity to work with facilitators from outside their meeting. If you would like to learn more about the success of the initiative please look at Explorations Final Review.

Asking for support

Your meeting might like to make a request to the Quaker Life Network for and workshop similar to an Exploration. You can do this, or make a request for something else, by completing a request form.


Clusters are groups of Quaker Life Network members that are brought together by a common interest. Clusters grow because there is a wealth of knowledge and willingness to serve in an area that Quaker Life Central Committee (QLCC) has discerned to be important enough to 'own' and incorporate into Quaker Life's work. Find out more...

Read more in Quaker Life Network news

Quaker Life Network news is published each year before Yearly Meeting. It gives all Friends a flavour of what the network does and how it works. This newsletter tries to reflect the variety of work that the Quaker Life Network is involved with. Each year a hard copy is sent to each local meeting.

Follow newsletter archive to download past and current editions.


Contact Quaker Life Network

Oliver Waterhouse, Quaker Life Network Development Officer
Friends House
173 - 177 Euston Road
London NW1 2BJ

Phone: 020 7663 1007