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Almost all of these resources are available from the Quaker Centre, who can be reached on 020 7663 1030 or at

Current awareness-raising and action resources

Remembrance Day Leaflet

The Quaker Committee for Christian and Interfaith Relations (QCCIR) has made a leaflet to to help Friends in deciding whether or not to participate in remembrance events; to help Friends who decide to participate in remembrance events by suggesting how they might witness to peace by doing so; and to direct Friends to useful resource materials. 

Christian Peacemakers Exhibition
This exhibition was originally designed for a display in the Peace Zone at the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival by the various members of the Network of Christian Peace Organisations (NCPO) - of which QPSW is a member. It is intended to take you on a journey through Christian peacemaking, by introducing you to some of the – famous and not-so-famous – people who have been inspired by Jesus’ way of nonviolence to act and transform the world. Everyone featured in the exhibition has some connection to at least one of the NCPO member organisations. Available to borrow free of charge. View the exhibition here
Contact FoR at 01865 250781; to borrow the exhibition.

Display on Sustainable Security:
This display from QPSW explains the concept of sustainable security* in a clear, easy-to-read format. Using colourful images and simple language, the display is an excellent resource for use by Meeting Houses, peace and social justice groups, church and community groups and individuals. The display is made up of 8 panels and is available in large A1 and smaller A3 formats. The A3 version can be purchased for £15 and both versions can be borrowed free of charge. To buy or borrow a copy of the display, please contact: Kat Barton, QPSW Peace & Disarmament Programme, Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ;; 020 7663 1067. Cheques should be made payable to BYM. View the exhibition here.

* Sustainable security refers to a sustainable approach to global security, emphasising the long-term resolution of the root causes of insecurity and conflict. 

Briefing on Iran's nuclear programme (2007)
This QPSW briefing paper was produced in 2007 as an outline of the situation as it was then with regards to Iran’s nuclear programme, in the particular context of the possibility of military action by the US or Israel. The paper looked at how UK civil society could support a fair and peaceful resolution. Whilst somewhat out-of-date now, it offers a useful background to the ongoing dispute over Iran’s nuclear programme.

Iran's Nuclear Programme - Briefing - September 2007Iran's Nuclear Programme - Briefing - September 2007  [PDF: 180KB].


War Resisters' International (WRI) "Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns"
WRI's long-awaited ‘Handbook for Nonviolent Campaigns’ is an invaluable resource for campaigners and activists. It  includes sections on: - developing strategic nonviolent campaigns; - preparing for effective nonviolent actions (complete with checklist); - exercises for working in nonviolence (including group dynamics and gender issues); - stories and strategies both showing the use of nonviolent organising tools in specific settings and describing global campaigns. This handbook is envisaged as an introductory resource, though a number of the texts go beyond an introductory level. The idea is that groups starting to work in nonviolence can be inspired from what other groups have done in different parts of the world, learning from the rich history of the nonviolence movement. To order the book contact or visit

Peace Exhibitions from the Peace Museum in Bradford:
The Peace Museum in Bradford has available travelling exhibitions on several different peace-related topics to offer organisations for free loan (+ mailing cost or free for pick up from Bradford).  The exhibitions have been very well received; audiences have found the content interesting and engaging and organisers have found them easy to install.Each exhibition is comprised of a series of full colour laminated panels which can be hungeasily.  Accompanying notes and activities are also available to complement the exhibitions.  Satisfied borrowers have said of the exhibitions: 'Great to see the level of interest that this provoked'. 'Very, very easy to hang and arrange'. 'Enjoyed it, excellent display, colourful, positive, thought-provoking'. Exhibitions include:
'A VISION SHARED' Examines art from the history of the peace movement and peacemaking activities over the 20th century.
MY COUNTRY IS THE WHOLE WORLD: WOMEN PEACEMAKERS'Examines women peacemakers and women's peace organisations in history and at present.
'CHAMPIONS OF PEACE:  NOBEL'S PEACE PRIZE, THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS' Examines the Nobel Peace Prize, looking at the individual winners as well as being a critical appraisal of the Prize itself.
'SUCH A JOURNEY' Examines what peace means to the people of Bradford through drawings, writings and poetry.
'HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI' Examines the atomic bombing of the two Japanese cities, focusing especially on how people were affected.

'A NONVIOLENT RESPONSE TO TERRISM'  Is an exhibition that examines the the role of nonviolence in tackling terrorism
For booking availability and further information, please contact The Peace Museum on 01274 434009 or email at

Factsheets & Report on Trident
The University of Bradford Department of Peace Studies has produced 7 useful factsheets on Trident - Britain's nuclear weapons system. You can access them here: In addition, a report entitled 'Trident: the Deal Isn't Done' offers an analysis of the current situation regarding the government's decision to renew Trident. View it here:

'US bases on British territory' - Free briefing
A worldwide network of military bases provides the United States with a global platform for warfare and espionage.  This briefing discusses the history and status of US bases on British territory and examines their purposes within the US strategic agenda.  The paper explores the ways in which US bases and their status largely escape public scrutiny. While affirming the cultural friendship between the two countries, the briefing argues that strategic alliance with the US implicates the UK in an agenda with manifold costs to the world.  Download your copy (24 pages) in PDF format US Bases (with pictures) [PDF:855kb] or US Bases (without pictures) [PDF: 243kb] or email with your postal address for hard copies.

Independent Report: 'Informed Choice? Armed Forces Recruitment Practice in the United Kingdom'
Every year, the armed forces recruit around 20,000 people to replace those who leave. An independent report published in January asks whether recruits know what they accept when they enlist. Enlistment involves legal obligations that are much more restrictive than anything in civilian employment and an armed forces career carries many risks. The report finds that recruitment literature, web sites and the applications process tend to glamorise warfare and fall short of ensuring that potential recruits are informed of the risks and obligations of forces careers. An independent website has also been produced for potential recruits themselves, setting out the facts as fairly as possible. To view or download the executive summary of the report, visit To view the website for potential recruits, visit More info, please contact:  

'Visions of Peace' DVD
This half-hour long video - made by and for Quakers - is now available on DVD. It is a collage of interviews with Friends talking about the inspiration and motivation for their peace work, the challenges involved in such work and their understanding of the peace testimony. Although made in 1994, it has very little in it that is specifically linked to its time of production (mostly the fashion in glasses!) and groups do still find it useful. Contact Philip Austin at the Northern Friends Peace Board (Victoria Hall, Knowsley St, Bolton BL1 2AS; 0845 458 3095; email for your copy.

'Signs for Hope - Talking About Nuclear Disarmament'

For use at awareness-raising and public discussion meetings, and in schools and colleges, around the country. Young people express their hopes for a future without nuclear weapons and war and UK policy makers and prominent disarmament experts talk about what is being done in this country and internationally to deal with growing nuclear threats and the vast global stockpiles of nuclear weapons left over from the Cold War.

For a copy of the DVD visit the TalkWorks website:

'Study War No More' Report - Arms company links to UK Universities
A new report from  Fellowship of Reconciliation and Campaign Against Arms Trade reveals that 26 top UK universities have received contracts for at least £725 million over six years in sponsorship by arms companies and public military bodies. The report, Study War No More, looks at each university between 2001 and 2006 and uncovers over 1,900 projects funded in this way. Examples of military projects include a scheme researching unmanned aerial vehicles over ten universities, funded jointly by BAE and public sources, which is run by a university professor and a project manager from BAE. In addition to research projects, arms companies were found to have sponsored numerous courses, bursaries, industrial placements and careers fairs. The report itself and details of the projects at each university are available at

Remembrance for Today - Remembering War, Making Peace
This collection of readings, reflections, prayers and other resources is a valuable resource for all those who seek to bring remembrance and peacemaking together. Edited by Christine Titmus. Foreword by General Sir Hugh Beach. Order your copy by sending a cheque for £3 (+50p p&p) payable to the Movement for the Abolition of War to: Publications Office, Thesiger Road, Abingdon, Oxford, OX14 2DY.

Poster (large, B2 size):  £3 + p&p. Order from the Quaker Bookshop, 020 7663 1030 or or download one to print off at home from the Trident page.

Image for Trident poster


Engaging with the Quaker Testimonies: a Toolkit
A 78-page resource for Quaker meetings and groups, the Toolkit contains tools to help us engage with the implications of the Quaker testimonies in our own lives and work. It is designed both for experienced Friends and those new to Quakers; others who are not Quakers may also find it useful.  Like any toolkit, it is designed to be used. It contains short articles, questions to think about, exercises to do in small or large groups, and references to websites, books and relevant organisations. Available from the Quaker Bookshop, price £8.00 + p&p

Photo of Testimonies Toolkit front cover. Credit: QPSW

Peace Tax Seven Greetings cards
These greetings cards are especially to raise money for the Peace Tax Seven - with attractive peace design by Arthur Windsor suitable for any occasion. 5 cards for £4 post-free - cheques to Ursula Windsor, Ursula Windsor, 4 Brunswick Square, GLOUCESTER GL1 1UG. Call for price for larger quantities: 01452 549 669.

'Peacemaking, a Christian Vocation'
The United Reformed Church has worked ecumenically, and particularly closely with the Methodist Church, to prepare a report on the ethics of war for the 21st century. A working group drew together people with diverse backgrounds, including seasoned peace activists, a military chaplain, a minister who formerly saw service on nuclear submarines, and academic theologians. They produced this resource that stimulates reflection within and beyond the churches, including an ethical analysis to help support the judgement of church leaders in complex and uncertain situations when British military intervention is proposed. The resulting document has a strong emphasis on peacemaking, hence the change of title from the original Ethics of War to Peacemaking: a Christian Vocation. It is available from the URC bookshop, here: for £3.99 plus postage. 

Christian publication from Christian CND: Trident Replacement - What does Theology Say?
On 25 February 2006 Christian Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament organised a Theology Day School in Oxford. Three eminent theologians discussed why nuclear weapons were contrary to the Gospel. The speakers were the Reverend Professor Marilyn McCord Adams, Father Gerry Hughes SJ and Father Peter Hunter OP. The booklet contains transcripts of their presentations and a short description of the workshops that followed in the afternoon. The A5 16-page booklet is available to download from their website: Donations towards the cost of publication are welcome. (You can also ask them to post a copy to you.)

FOR 'Peacemaker briefings' - Issue 1: "Keeping it in the (nuclear) Family"
FoR has launched a new free resource called 'Peacemaker Briefings'.  Peacemaker Briefing will be published about three times a year on the web.  The first issue is called 'Keeping it in the (nuclear) Family" and looks at the controversy and pressures surrounding the recent developments in Iranian nuclear programme. Peacemaker Briefings provide an analysis of the situation, recommended resources on the issue and opportunities for activism. To download a copy of the briefing as a PDF (3 Mb) see  Alternatively if you would like to be sent a hard copy call 01865 748 796.

'What Is Peace?' Display
This informative display - originally produced for the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival - is now available to borrow FREE of charge from Friends House. The display consists of eight A1-size colour panels and can be borrowed by peace groups or meetings for the cost of postage both ways.  We are currently trying to organise insurance for the display since at present groups must agree to pay for the costs of replacing any or all of the panels in case of loss or damage (around £40-50 per panel).  There is also an alternative A3-size version of the display available on request.  Note: The display does not include anything to mount the panels onto. A webshow of the display is available to view at  To borrow the display email call her on 020 7663 1067

Peace Exchange email list (for Quakers)
Peace Exchange Email List (for Quakers): Join the Peace Exchange email list to share information about peace activities and receive bulletins about peace action opportunities

Peace vigil guide
Peace Vigil Kit: a guide to organising a peace vigil if you've never done it before.

Real-time military spending counter
At  Link to the counter or embed it in your own web sites easily.  Good to project against a wall - increase text size accordingly.

Resources for learning about the issue

Q&A on a Nuclear Weapons Convention (NWC)  

An excellent resource from ICAN for finding out more about an NWC can be found here

Security for the Common Good by Fellowship of Reconcilliation and Pax Christi

As the Government undertakes its strategic defence review and the nation prepares for a General Election, FoR and Pax Christi believe that this is an opportune time for the Christian community to offer a creative and live-giving approach to security that puts people – especially the poor – at its centre. To this end they have produced 'Security for the Common Good: a Christian challenge to military security strategies' and 'Addressing the real wounds of the human family: call to action.'  Visit go to FoR or Pax Christi to find out more. 

Peace Pays!  Interactive web site from Conscience The Peace Tax Campaign
While the government collects taxes, Conscience prepares to launch a new project: PeacePays.Org   90 years to the day since conscription and the right to conscientious objection to war started in Britain, Conscience launched a new project and website. PeacePays demonstrates the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of non-violent peacebuilding initiatives. If the massive military budget were used to invest in peacebuilding initiatives rather than preparing for and fighting wars we could all feel more secure. Our taxes could pay for a better form of security without the bloodshed: security that conscientious objectors and everyone else can pay tax for with a clear conscience.

Ten stories the world should hear more about
A United Nations initiative 'to shine a spotlight on some of the important international issues and developments that often do not get sufficient media attention'.  Visit to read more about them.

Reconciliation: the heart of peace
A study-reflection guide based on the Pax Christi Icon of Peace. A collection of resources linked to the rich theme of Pax Christi's icon - Christ is our Reconciliation - suitable for schools, groups and personal reflection. £6 plus 20% for postage. Visit for more info.

From Pacification to Peacebuilding - Diana Francis
Does conflict transformation work? Diana Francis reviews its practice over the past twenty years and recognises its many achievements. Visit for more info. 

'Preparing For Peace - by asking the experts to analyse war'
This book presents the findings of a five year enquiry into whether war works as an instrument of policy in the twenty-first century. Experts, including Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat, Dr Scilla Elworthy, Professor Paul Rogers and Sir Crispin Tickell, former British Ambassador to the UN and numerous others. £6.99 from Quaker Bookshop plus £1 postage. (Call 020 7663 1030 to make a credit/debit card order or send a cheque payable to 'Quaker Bookshop' to Quaker Bookshop, Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.) Book website: 

Christian resource pack: 'Called to be peacemakers' - Free
Called to be Peacemakers is an initiative of the Fellowship of Reconciliation to enable individuals and Church communities in the UK to reflect on issues of peace, conflict and war. The main resource is a pack, which is a useful guide on peacemaking in a Christian context.  Visit for more information and to download the pack.

'Rethinking war and peace' by Diana Francis
This book by a Quaker author, campaigner and nonviolence trainer mounts a head-on challenge to the belief that war as an institution is either necessary or effective for good.  £11.99 from the Quaker Bookshop plus £1.20 postage.  (Call 020 7663 1030 to make a credit/debit card order or send a cheque payable to 'Quaker Bookshop' to Quaker Bookshop, Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ).

Campaign Against Arms Trade Report: 'Who calls the shots?  How government-corporate collusion drives arms exports'
By Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), this powerful report exposes the links between military corporations and the UK Government, which effectively drives arms exports.  For the full report, visit CAAT's website or order a copy by post from for £3.

Soldiers in the laboratory: military involvement in science and technology
Did you know that one third of Government funding for science and technology is spent by the Ministry of Defence?  This amounts to over £2.5 billion per year of your money!  (Source: Department for Trade and Industry, cited by Scientists for Global Responsibility - SGR).  Read SGR's report [PDF: 559kb] or the SGR report: executive summary [PDF: 140kb] to find out more. This is particularly useful for those with university connections.

Fabulously weird nuclear disarmament online game
Can you find the countries with Weapons of Mass Destruction and disarm them?  Try this great online disarmament game (which will take a while to download on a dial-up connection) on the Nobel Prize web site.

Great all-ages web site about WMD
The Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Project, of which QPSW is a member, has launched a great new resource for learning more about WMD.  Play 'Hunt the WMD', discover secrets about WMD and take Tony Blair and George Bush for a dance.  There are also lesson plans for schools.  Have fun and learn at

'Missile Defence' interactive guide
Find out about how the US 'missile defence' system is supposed to work and why it won't with Yorkshire CND's interactive guide - a very good introduction to the issue.  Visit and enter the esoteric world of 'missile defence' and space weapons.

On the Peace Links page you will find websites related to building peace, nuclear disarmament, 'missile defence', working with conflict, arms trade issues and much more. 

Resources on the spiritual basis of peacebuilding

'Quakers and Peace' leaflets
Leaflets to explain the Quaker peace commitment to non-Quakers, A6 size single sheet booklet format.  Available in packs of 50 from the Quaker Bookshop for £3.00 including postage.  Cheques to 'Quaker Bookshop', Friends House, 173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ or call 020 7663 1030 to make a credit/debit card order. 

Writings on the Quaker peace testimony
Writings on the Quaker peace testimony from Quaker Faith & Practice

Peace testimony discussion list (for Quakers)
To join an email list discussing the meaning of the Quaker peace testimony in today's world, send a blank email to with 'peacetest subscribe' in the subject line and you will be added to the list.  The list is an experimental project managed by Northern Friends Peace Board.

Christian Resource Pack
'Called to be Peacemakers' is an initiative of the Fellowship of Reconciliation to enable individuals and Church communities in the UK to reflect on issues of peace, conflict and war. The pack is a useful guide on peacemaking in a Christian context. 

Other online resources

QPSW online resources
For all online QPSW peace and social witness resources, including information about all our work.

Peace links
Visit our Peace Links page which has many links to other organisations. 

Online European Peace Directory
Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) has produced a splendid online resource for all those in Europe who are working for peace and want to find out who else in Europe is working in this field. It is now available to access on the QCEA website at: 

Resources from Northern Friends Peace Board

Fabric peace banner
Make your own fabric peace banner.  Full kit (£10) or just the instructions (£1 donation) available from Northern Friends Peace Board

Other resources
Envelope re-use labels, mini-stickers, postcards and other resources are also available - visit