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Outreach using social media

Please note these are ideas we are encouraging adult (18+) Friends to consider. Everybody needs to consider their own safety. If you are new to social networking you may find the following safety advice useful (new window). If you are under 18 and you chose to join with our online activities, you must discuss this with a parent or guardian first.

First of all

  • Follow us on Facebook - new window and Twitter - new window and lets us know of any ideas we can share and of any successes!
  • Encourage other Friends to join our online efforts.
  • Let us know of any events you will be holding over Quaker Week and we will list them on the Find a Meeting function. If you have any photos or want to report back on any events, post them on our FB page and via Twitter and we will share some of them.

How to engage

The idea behind this year's online activities is for us all to engage with the people we know. Hopefully to educate them about our faith and maybe encourage them to come to meeting. We think that this will give rise to some meaningful interactions and will be a stimulating activity.

We don't want to tell Friends how to engage, but we have put down a few ideas and thoughts which might help you get started.

The first step to engaging with friends using social media is to think about what you are willing to do.

  • Are you happy to answer questions posted on your Facebook page and/or Twitter?
  • Would you rather answer questions discreetly by email after initial contact is made?
  • Are you happy to take friends along to meeting or meet friends to discuss your faith?
  • Are you prepared to talk with people who are negative or argumentative?

You may want to think about the implications of this before you plan how you intend to engage with people using social media.

What to say

When you have decided how you want to engage, think about what messages you will post. Here are some suggestions of things you could say on Facebook (you need to be rather more brief on Twitter):

  1. You may have known me some time, but may not know that I am a Quaker. As it's National Quaker Week I'm hoping that my Facebook friends might want to know why this is so important to me - so please ask away.
  2. You may know that I'm a Quaker, if you are interested to know more please go to our website at, there's an interesting video made by some Quakers which will tell you more about us.
  3. You may know that I'm a Quaker, I'd like my friends to know why it is important to me and I think the only way to understand this is to experience a Quaker meeting. I'd be really happy to take you along one Sunday, please let me know if you'd be interested. 

If you don't want to put yourself on the spot too much you could just mention that it's National Quaker Week and add a link to the main website. Ther are lots of possibilities. You may wish to include or link to some of the resources below.


You could add the "I'm a Quaker..." image below as your profile picture to Facebook and/or Twitter so this will be seen whenever you engage in any activity.


To change the picture on Facebook simply upload this one, view it and hover over the 'Options' link. When you change your picture don't forget to to click the 'done cropping' link or the image won't replace your current one.

How to change your profile picture on Twitter (new window).

Where to direct people

You may find it useful to include videos with your messages, direct people to the website or our forum. Below is a list of resources to which you can direct people.


Introductory pages of the main website If you intend to wanted to get a conversation going around a subject like peace or equality you could link further into the site.


On the BYM forum newcomers can engage with Friends and others in discussions about all sorts of Quaker related topics


Introduction to Watford Quakers This can be embedded into Tweets and Facebook updates from Youtube (new window). In the video Friends give their impressions of meeting for worship and viewers get a chance to see Friends as a community. Watford Friends also talk about their own views on subjects including:

Quaker Quest produced several videos showing personal views of several Friends including Quakers and Worship (new window). Also:

Nine Quakers talk about their faith Each person talks about how they came to be involved with the Society.

We have videos of Advices and queries on the BYM Youtube channel (new window). These can easily be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. You can also embed the code in a web page if you want to use these on a blog or website. If you want to link to them all in one place or copy and paste the text, the whole lot are at We'd recommend that if you use these videos that you give them some sort of introduction.

If you have Welsh speaking friends you may wish to use the videos on Quakers in Wales' Youtube channel (new window). They are subtitled in English and are beautifully shot.

Five Friends talk about their work for peace (new window).

This isn't by any means an exhastive list. Please let us know if you find any gems out there.