Quakers are working to build an energy and economic system that has equality, justice and sustainability at its heart.

Quakers campaign for justice for those who have been unequally impacted by climate change. We call for policies that will reduce carbon emissions, and support actions that challenge the current fossil fuel economy.

We think all people have the right to affordable, renewable energy. We believe there should be more equality in the way energy is owned and organised. And we want to sustain life over profit.

Climate justice


    Read up on the climate policy changes we need

    Government plans to tackle climate change are inadequate. Find out what's going wrong and what needs to happen in this short climate briefing – then write to your MP about it.

    Take action: Tell us what your MP thinks about climate change

    Recently, the UK government has made big promises on tackling climate change. Their recent Clean Growth Strategy pledges to curb emissions. Yet new policy and spending pledges would still fall short of the UK's international commitments to cut carbon.

    Quakers in Britain are calling on the government to fully commit to climate action. We want government to invest in a radically more sustainable economy and leave fossil fuels in the ground.

    We want to know what MPs think about climate action so we can map out who will champion strong climate policy through parliament. Here's how you can help.

    Many of you have written to your MP about climate change in recent months - can you email Chris Walker at chris@quaker.org.uk to let us know how they replied?

    If you haven't written to your MP yet, can you ask them to answer these two questions?

    1. Under the UN Paris Climate Change agreement, the UK is committed to limit global warming to 2°C above preindustrial levels, and to make efforts to further limit this to 1.5°C. This means radically reducing the UK's climate emissions. Do you agree that the UK has a responsibility to play a leading role in tackling climate change?
    2. The UK's independent Committee on Climate Change have said that the government's new Clean Growth Strategy would not ensure the UK would meet its legal commitments to cut carbon emissions (as determined by the 4th and 5th carbon budgets). What do you think the government must do to achieve its obligations to cut UK emissions?

    Remember, when you get an answer from your MP, send it to Chris Walker at chrisw@quaker.org.uk. Alternatively, you can post a copy straight to Friends House - we're at 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

    Unsure of the policy detail? Check out these resources:

    Confront fossil fuel power

    We need to confront the powers that actively work against climate justice, namely the fossil fuel industry and economic systems reliant on fossil fuels, which put economic competitiveness ahead of ecological health.


    Quakers in Britain call for a ban on fracking and other forms of new and intensive fossil fuel extraction. The industry could seriously undermine the UK's ability to cut greenhouse gases and could harm local communities and ecosystems. Yet with backing from the UK government and investors, fracking companies are set to make vast profits from extracting oil and gas in the UK. Find out how you can take action on fracking.

    Divest from fossil fuels

    The fossil fuel industry needs many things to be able to extract fossil fuels and produce energy. Crucially it relies on money. Much of our money is bound up in continued fossil fuel extraction – via institutional investments, British government subsidies, or even our own pension funds.

    We have a lot of power to change this. Publicly moving money away from fossil fuels helps to reduce fossil fuel companies' social licence to operate by demonstrating our refusal to be complicit.

    Does your local or area meeting still invest in fossil fuels? What about the other institutions you may be part of, like your university or local council? Find out more about how to divest from fossil fuels.

    Build the alternative

    Many Quakers are engaged in exploring what an economy based on Quaker testimonies (and not dependent on fossil fuels) would look like, including how our economy could operate in balance with a healthy living planet. Find out more about our work on the new economy.

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