As Quakers, we understand climate change to be a symptom of a greater challenge: how to live sustainably and justly on this earth.

In 2011 Quakers in Britain made a corporate commitment to become a low-carbon, sustainable community and we support each other to live out this commitment. We campaign for climate and energy justice, and to build a fairer economy which is not powered by fossil fuels.

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    Climate change and the general election 2017

    The upcoming general election is a vital opportunity to demand action on climate change. You can find more advice on engaging with the general election 2017 on a range of Quaker concerns at

    Under the UN Paris climate deal, the UK committed to pursue efforts to limit a global temperature increase to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. Cutting emissions is not just a legal obligation, but a moral one. The UK can and must show leadership in protecting communities and ecosystems around the world from the dangers of a warming planet. As part of this, we are calling for a ban on fracking and other forms of intensive and high-carbon fossil fuel extraction.

    A low-carbon, sustainable economy could offer benefits for all. We call for an urgent and comprehensive strategy, along with adequate investment, to deliver renewable and efficient energy for all, green jobs and sustainable economic opportunities across the UK.

    Questions you could ask parliamentary candidates

    • The UK requires an urgent and comprehensive strategy to build a low carbon, sustainable economy. This must deliver renewable and efficient energy that is affordable to all, green jobs and sustainable economic opportunities across the UK. How will your party achieve this?
    • Fracking, and other forms of new and intensive fossil fuel extraction, are high-carbon energy sources and so could undermine the UK's climate obligations. Will you support a ban on fracking to protect the climate, ecosystems and local communities?

    Climate justice

    Quakers are calling for climate justice. We want justice for those who have been unequally impacted by climate change and global climate action that stops this injustice continuing. We are working to build an energy and economic system that has equality, justice and sustainability at heart. Read more about our work on climate justice.


    We call for a ban on shale gas fracking and all forms of intensive fossil fuel extraction in the UK. These methods harm people and the planet, and could seriously undermine our ability to tackle climate change. Instead, we wish to see an energy system based on renewable, efficient energy that is affordable to all. Read more about fracking and how you can take action.

    Fossil fuel divestment

    We support Quakers to build the alternative energy and economic system, in which everyone has access to clean and affordable energy. We challenge the powers - like the fossil fuel industry - that block this change, and advocate to government for policies towards our vision.

    Quakers in Britain were the first church in Britain to divest our centrally held money from fossil fuels. Local and area meetings are now doing the same. By divesting we help to question the morality of the fossil fuel industry, and challenge its power.

    Read more about our work on fossil fuel divestment.

    Living sustainably

    We support each other to transform our lives to become low-carbon and sustainable, and to act in local community to do the same.

    Read more about support we can offer to live sustainably.

    Our faith and sustainability

    Quaker concern for the Earth and the well-being of all who live in it is not new. It is deeply rooted in our faith.

    Read more about our faith and commitment to sustainability.

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