We encourage a new generation of peaceworkers by funding one-year placements in organisations working for peace at a national or international level.

The peaceworker scheme springs directly from our Quaker testimony to peace and justice and offers a rare and valuable opportunity to support like-minded individuals and organisations. Generations of Quakers have worked on peace issues, and this scheme ensures that the upcoming generation are able to strengthen the wider peace movement.

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    How the peaceworker scheme works

    This resource contains answers to frequently asked questions.

    Who benefits from the work?


    One of the many things I love about the scheme is that in supporting and nurturing the individual in their commitment to peace, it helps to foster work for change at national and even international levels – in true Quaker fashion.

    - Holly Wallis, 2015-16 Peaceworker


    It can be tough finding meaningful opportunities to put your conviction for peace into practice. We provide rare employment opportunities for people who are passionate about peace, many of whom cite this experience as a life-changing first step into longer term involvement in this work.

    At the same time, we boost the capacity of small organisations doing great work by giving them an extra full-time person for a year. This enables them to do work they would not otherwise be able to do. The scheme builds and strengthens relationships between people and organisations throughout the peace movement, helping them to work together effectively on a whole range of peace projects.

    What is it like to be a peaceworker?

    Peaceworkers write about their work projects and personal experiences of their placements in quarterly journal letters. You can read journal letters from the 2017-18 peaceworkers below.

    Wayne Sharrocks has been placed with Peace Pledge Union and Global Justice Now, both based in London.

    Abigail Darton is placed with Leap Confronting Conflict in London.

    Stephen Brown is placed with QUNO in Geneva. He works on the Human Rights and Refugees programme.

    Isobel Edwards is placed with QUNO in Geneva. She works on the Human Impacts of Climate Change (HICC) and Peace and Disarmament programme. Read Isobel's first journal letter from her placement here (PDF).

    Peaceworker journal letters 2015-2016

    Zara Rizvi's journal letters from the Omega Research Foundation:

    Holly Wallis's journal letters from Conscience: Taxes for Peace Not War:

    Rhianna Louise's journal letters from Medact:

    Connect with the scheme

    Consider becoming a Quaker peaceworker

    Applications open in February every year and are advertised on the main Quaker jobs page. Listen to an episode from the Q:Witness podcast about the scheme to get a sense of what is involved:

    Whether you plan to apply this year or not, you may be interested in attending the Quaker Peace & Social Witness Annual Spring Conference. The 2018 Conference will be held 23–25 March in Alfreton, Derbyshire, and focus on peace education. Learn more and register to attend.

    Invite a peaceworker to give a talk at your Meeting

    Peaceworkers have a wealth of insight and experience to share from their placements and the peace work that led them to take part in the scheme. Request a speaker by contacting Helen Bradford: helenb@quaker.org.uk.

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