Quakers campaigned against recent changes which are further weakening our social security system.

An effective social safety net based on dignity and compassion is a vital foundation of a just society. Recent changes to our social security system will hit the poorest hardest.

“This is nothing less than economic violence, which challenges our Quaker spiritual commitment to peace."

Meeting for Sufferings minute, minute S/12/03/3, 31 March 2012


#Enough: Our responsibility to meet families' needs

This report outlines how recent reforms are threatening to undermine a founding principle of the welfare state: that the amount families receive in benefits should be sufficient to meet their basic needs.

Quakers from across Britain actively campaigned against the Welfare Reform and Work Bill. Unfortunately, the bill was still passed, and became law in early 2016. Our work with other church and faith groups helped to secure some important changes. These will make a difference to many households experiencing difficult financial circumstances.

Levels of poverty and inequality are already unacceptably high in Britain. Unfortunately we believe that the Welfare Reform and Work Act will make this worse. The changes will particularly affect children, large families and people who can't work because of sickness or disability.

“We are dismayed that the government is giving so little consideration to the long term impacts of spending cuts on whole communities. Under-investment and short term accounting are putting the wellbeing of future generations at risk."

Meeting for Sufferings minute, minute S/12/03/3, 31 March 2012

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