We know that much is wrong with the current economic system, but what are the alternatives? And how would they work in practice?

The new economy project supports Quakers to articulate a vision of a practical, ethical economic system in line with Quaker values. We also support Quakers to take action to move our economy in this direction.

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    New economy booklet 5 – The role of markets in the new economy

    The fifth new economy booklet 'The role of markets in the new economy' is now available.

    What is the new economy?

    The 'new economy' is the name we're using to describe our vision of a fair and sustainable economic system.

    The new economy makes possible

    "a way of living that will free us from the bondage of material things and mere conventions, that will raise no barrier between man and man, and will put no excessive burden of labour upon any by reason of our superfluous demands."

    from 'Foundations of a true social order' (iv) Quaker faith & practice , 23.16

    Quakers have committed to work towards a different kind of economic system based on our belief in a fundamental human equality and respect for the Earth. While we are clear that a different type of economy is necessary, Quakers do not claim to have all the answers. We are still discerning what this 'new economy' might look like and how we can take practical steps to build it.

    Why do we need a new economy?

    The current economic system has provided humanity with many material benefits. However those benefits have been unequally shared. Many of them have been brought about through the over-exploitation of the Earth's natural resources. In 2011 Yearly Meeting, Quakers committed to transforming our economic system:

    “The global economic system is posited on continued expansion and growth, and in its pursuit of growth it is often unjust, violent and destructive…We need to ask the question whether this system is so broken that we must urgently work with others of faith and good will to put in its place a different system in which our testimonies can flourish."

    Minute 23, Britain Yearly Meeting 2011

    Get involved

    The project is currently supporting discernment around economic change. We're producing seven booklets to aid reflection. These look at different aspects of the economy in more depth. You can download the first five of the booklets below or order paper copies.

    Set up a reading group

    We're running a new economy reading group programme to accompany the booklets. We will provide session plans for groups of Friends to read and contemplate the booklets together over a course of eight sessions. The course will support reflection and ultimately aims to prepare participants to take action.

    Sign up below to register your interest, get more information and receive session plans when they become available.

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    You can also download our guide to setting up a reading group for more information:

    Guide to setting up a reading group (PDF)

    Host a new economy workshop

    In-depth workshops are available to Meetings who would like to learn more about the new economy. To arrange a workshop with a member of the new economy team, please email us at neweconomy@quaker.org.uk.

    Build the alternative

    Many Quakers are already actively building the new economy. If you've been involved in some action, please let us know. We'd like to share these stories in future publications to inspire other Friends. You can contact Maya Williams at maya@quaker.org.uk or on 020 7663 1056.

    Our Sustainability and New Economy grants fund Quaker or Quaker-supported projects that are working towards the creation of low-carbon, sustainable communities and a different type of economic system. Turning the Tide also provides support and training to groups doing change-making work.


    The following documents are available to aid reflection and discernment. Please email neweconomy@quaker.org.uk for paper copies.

    Principles for a new economy

    This document outlines some principles that could underpin an economic system in line with Quaker values.

    Download Principles for a new economy (PDF)

    The new economy booklets

    The new economy booklets contain ideas for action and questions to aid further study, discussion and reflection.

    Booklet 1 - What's the economy for?

    This booklet asks what the aims of economic policy should be, and looks at different ways to measure economic success.

    Download New Economy Booklet 1 - What is the economy for? (PDF)

    Booklet 2 - Good work in the new economy

    This booklet explores how work might be reimagined in line with Quaker testimony and what types of businesses could support this.

    Download New economy booklet 2 - Good work in the new economy (PDF)

    Booklet 3 - Energy in the new economy

    This booklet explores how we can transition to a green and fair energy system.

    Download New economy booklet 3 - Energy in the new economy (PDF)

    Booklet 4 - Money, banks and finance in the new economy

    This booklet explores how the banking system and money creation could be fairer.

    Download New economy booklet 4 - Money, banks and finance in the new economy (PDF)

    Booklet 5 - The role of markets in the new economy

    The booklet offers insight into how markets are framed within capitalist economies and how new economy markets differ.

    Download New economy booklet 5 - The role of markets in the new economy (PDF)

    Listen to the podcast

    In this episode from early 2017, Cait Crosse (then New Economy Project Manager), shares what's happening with the project and interviews Quaker Yuan Yang, Beijing correspondent for the Financial Times and founder of Rethinking Economics.

    Watch a new economy webinar

    This webinar took place in January 2015 and introduces our new economy project. It featured economists Gill Westcott and Steve Mandel from the Economics, Sustainability and Peace sub-committee.

    Contact us

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    Economic Issues Programme Manager
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