Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) correspondents help Friends to witness on peace and social justice issues. They are the main link between their local meeting and QPSW staff based in London, and between other QPSW correspondents.

Correspondents are nominated by their local meeting and normally receive a paper or email newsletter three to four times a year. Urgent email alerts are sent when there are time-dependent issues to which Friends may wish to respond.

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Being a QPSW correspondent

A booklet about the role of QPSW correspondents

Quakers find that their experience of worship leads them to try to change the world for the better. Many act as individuals, with others in their local meetings or through a wide range of charities and campaigning organisations. But some kinds of work are best done by Quakers acting together, and local work may benefit from liaison, resources and encouragement provided from the 'centre'.

Quaker Peace & Social Witness is a hub for local and national Quaker action for peace and justice. QPSW correspondents are responsible for ensuring that their meeting is aware of the work undertaken on behalf of Friends. They also inform people of the support available for Quaker witness in local communities.

Contact us

To update the details of your meeting's QPSW correspondent please email updates@quaker.org.uk.