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Other Quaker Groups

Other Quaker groups

Links to other Quaker organisations who work with children and young people.


Quaker performing arts project, they run workshops for meetings and residential theatre, music, singing and creative arts events 
Young Friends General Meeting
The national organisation for Quakers aged 18-30ish. They hold their main gatherings three times a year (February, May/June and October) as well as other events
Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs
QAAD works in accordance with Quaker principles to address the widespread use and misuse of alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs, and gambling. They occasionally run events for young people and have produced a DVD: ‘Too much too young’ exploring the health and social effects of alcohol on young people today.
Quaker Voluntary Action
Provides practical opportunities to put faith into action and to develop new ways of practical volunteering that meet the challenges of our time and which are combined with personal spiritual development QVA provides short-term opportunities that might be suitable for a GAP year or holiday
Friends Southern Summer Events
This Quaker organisation (separate from the BYM CYP team) runs Junior Gathering, for 11-14 year olds, and Senior Conference for 15-18 year olds for a week every August.
Yorkshire Friends Holiday School
A Quaker event (separate from the BYM CYP team) that runs for a week every July/August for 13-18 year olds
Quakers in Yorkshire – Young People’s Activities
Information about the Yorkshire link group and other events for children and young people in Yorkshire
New Jordans
The New Jordans Programme aims to engage with the world as we find it and with the challenges that face us all. They run regular events
New Jordans also runs the ‘Quakers in the World’ website which has resources that could be used for Quaker children and young people’s work