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The white feather diaries

Image of a single white featherThe white feather diaries is an online Quaker storytelling project to mark the centenary of World War I. Please see our interactive map to see other Quaker events marking the centenary.

The real-time story follows five Quakers as the war unfolds, they explore their dilemmas and different choices in a daily blogTwitter feed and Facebook page. The project will run at incremental periods over three years (2014-2016) up to the anniversary of the 1916 Military Service Act which introduced conscription and recognised conscientious objection. The stories will chart the individuals’ journey of discovery as they find out that opposing war is never easy and being a pacifist is always a brave decision.

By using digital media the project is designed to resonate with an audience who are the same age as those called up to fight during World War I. The interactive nature of The white feathers diaries will create opportunities for discussion and a deeper understanding about the causes of conflict and current peacemaking. The white feathers diaries will raise challenging questions and ask why this is still as relevant now as it was 100 years ago.

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The white feather diaries is among centenary events mentioned in The Guardian, 15 May 2014 [offsite link] and The Independent, 5 November 2013 [offsite link].