Quakers in Britain have played a major role in shaping British society today. We believe there is God in everyone and our faith recognises each human life as precious and of equal value. This leads us to work for social justice in many arenas.

During our 350 year history we have been active in the abolition of the slave trade, pioneers in the field of mental health and prison reform, and worked with politicians to bring about a change the law on conscientious objection to military service and most recently, same sex marriage.


I believe every member of our staff plays a vital role in supporting the amazing and transformative work done by Quakers in Britain.

- Paul Parker, Recording Clerk


Quakers businesses thrived on their reputation for honesty and integrity. Chocolatiers, Cadburys and Rowntrees, Barclays and Lloyds banks and Clarks Shoes are examples of reforming employers whose strong Quaker beliefs led to social benefits for their workers. Strong Quaker values remain part of our working tradition in Britain Yearly Meeting, the central organisation of Quakers in Britain.

Our Quaker belief in fairness for all, translates into a supportive workplace with good conditions of employment and above average pay for the third sector. We aim to be an ethical employer, with a 1:4.7 ratio between our highest and our lowest paid staff. Britain Yearly Meeting is a Living Wage employer. We believe whatever your role, your work is critical to the smooth running of our organisation, and underpins Quaker work in all its diverse forms.