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Quaker groups and structures

Quakers in Britain are also known as Britain Yearly Meeting. Ours is a complex structure of groups (mostly meetings and committees). This part of our website contains information about these groups and information to support these groups.

You may have read on this site that as we have no paid clergy our meetings are run by our members, all on a voluntary basis. The same is largely true of the whole organisation. There are lots of groups and committees, supported by paid staff, that make up the structure of BYM. This covers an enormous range of specialisation and responsibility.

Our national Quaker structures are quite complex. This section of the site is by no means a comprehensive description of our structures and groups. A short guide to our structures [PDF: 694kb - new window] gives a basic guide and explains where to find more information.

The minutes of some of our committees and groups [offsite - new window] are available (registration required).

Information about the Yearly Meeting event, is in the Events section.

If you can't find the informatiuon you want please email and we will try to find the appropriate information for you.