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EAPPI videos on the international website - opens in new window.

A short movie about volunteers working as Human Rights observers in Hebron and surroundings, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. They witness the daily life of people living under constant military occupation. May 2013

Peace Watchers from Nicolas Picard

Anne Skaardal - producer and director from Norway served as an EA in 2011 - has made this video as an overview of the work of EAPPI, also available from the Vimeo site.

Watch the 14 minute video here.

Eyewitness from anne skaardal.

View a Powerpoint presentation by Israeli peace organisation New Profile on the militarization of Israeli society - new window

Watch a video by EA Gerry O’Sullivan on the detention of children in Stolen Children, Stolen Lives, April 2011.

Watch a video about armed settlers stopping Palestinian farmer from plowing his land by EAPPI Yanoun team, May 2011.