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Godly Play

We offer resources and training in storytelling as theological reflection; this style of storytelling has links to the Godly Play approach. We also offer storytelling resources to Friends who are trained to use this method in their meeting, either for children's meeting or for all age worship. Please click here for more information.

Area Meeting Children and Young People’s Work Advocates

These are Friends appointed to be advocates for the work with children and young people that goes on in local meetings.  Advocates are responsible to an area meeting and often develop links with other neighbouring meetings.

Young people forming a pyramid

Quaker Youth Work Recognition Scheme

The Quaker Youth Work Recognition Scheme provides a framework to support young people working at events, it includes resources for reflection, and resources for identifying the skills young people have developed through their participation in the event. 

Young People’s Participation Network

Quaker Life Young People’s Network is for young people under 19; it promotes opportunities and information from within Britain Yearly Meeting and beyond.  From campaigns to consultations, to volunteering to training this is your opportunity to get involved.

Quaker Youth Group Affiliation Scheme

If you are involved with running a Quaker youth group (sometimes called a Link Group) then the affiliation scheme is for you! This scheme has three fold benefit for the group, young people who attend the group and BYM. To find out more or to register your group please click through the link.