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Children and young people's work news

Children and young people's work update September 20141


This month’s news is different, it offers an insight into the Children’s programme at Yearly Meeting Gathering by including an excerpt from the minute from each age group, interspersed with photos that were taken at the children’s programme. There were 130 children aged 0 – 11 at YMG, where they were split into five age groups. Each group wrote a minute which was read in the last session on the Friday afternoon and accepted into the records of the 2014 Yearly Meeting.  Enjoy!


New Shoots (0-3 years)

Flexibility has been the key to implementing our programme.  We’re an age group where there are lots of unknowns – will we settle, will we like the activities, will we be awake?

At the beginning of the week the New Shoots were a bit unsettled at the start of each session. Some of us hadn’t spent time away from our main carer before.  We got lots of loving care and everyone tried to respond to our individual needs. This fostered our trust and helped us build relationships.

Our regular worship time at the end of each session has been quiet and settled. We’ve used some sound timers and lights to help us focus. Our worship time has given us all a relaxed end to our busy session.


Fox Cubs (3-5 years)

We have been getting to know each other and being kind, listening and sharing so we can all be happy.  We wore our fox cub ears and noses, went into our fox den and came out through the tunnel to discover the world.  We looked through coloured viewers to see the world differently.

We have had rests, stories, singing, worship and play. We know that we can make a difference.


Penn Friends (5-6 years)

We are the Penn Friends. This week we played and had fun together.  We did a lot of activities.  We really liked dressing up and acting the story of children who kept Reading meeting.  We enjoyed making masks and listening to Godly Play with the Fox Cubs.  We liked being in the Quaker garden and most of all we liked the stars which reminded us that we are all special and can make a difference.


Light Explorers (7-9 years)

We have explored our theme through worship, craft, play and stories.  We learnt some fun songs with actions and shared them with the under-5s.  In return they shared their chocolate fudge balls with us as a sign of giving and receiving.

Throughout the week we kept a journal folder so we can remember what we learned and did. We had fun playing outside in the sunshine and the rain. Some liked football while others preferred parachute games.

The Light Explorers has been an enjoyable experience. We have made new friends and had lots of fun.


Spiritual Adventurers (9-11 years)

We thought how we can make a difference both near and far, and we shared this in meeting for worship.  Visitors came from the rest of the gathering to report on what we were doing.

We’ve all really enjoyed our week exploring themes, making friends and having fun.

We thank everyone who has helped to organise the event and thank each participant for helping make this a wonderful experience.


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