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Children and young people's work news

Children and young people's work update

August 2014



Methodist survey: We have been asked by an independent research company, carrying out some research on behalf of the Methodist church, to circulate the following invitation to those engaged in work with children within Quakers. “The Methodist Church is seeking to understand what family ministry means in practice, today in the UK. Merida Associates, an independent research company, has been commissioned to undertake the research and analyse the findings. The Methodist Church is taking an ecumenical approach to the research and we would very much value your contribution in helping us to understand the different models of family ministry being offered. We really want to hear about examples of good practice in family work and we would be grateful if you could fill in the survey at Results will be collated anonymously and each agency can choose whether or not to be recognised by name in the research”.

The Bridge Film Festival: The founder of Quakerism, George Fox, said “Let your life speak.”  For the student movie-makers of The Bridge Film Festival, that sentiment extends to "Let your films speak.”  Now in its 15th year, this month's festival included more than 30 short film entries from 15 schools and three countries. Running the gamut from documentary to narrative, live action to animation, the films offer a variety of approaches to depicting Quaker values in action. See

Things to do

Workshop on working with a small group of children with a wide range of ages: Taking place at Canterbury meeting on Saturday 27 September (closing date for bookings 12.9.14). This workshop will equip adults in a Quaker setting to engage with a small group of children with a wide age range, helping to identify effective ways of working and exploring understanding of children’s development. For full details of this and booking information go to

A day for reimagining children and young people’s work at Friends House London, on Saturday 29 November. This day is for Friends in meetings, including young people, elders and overseers, who have an interest in and wish to explore and think about their meeting developing new approaches to engagement with children, young people and families. For details and booking information go to

Things to use

Voices of conscience films: This is a resource produced by South Wales Area Meeting aimed at primary school children. This new resource aims to explore a lesser-known aspect of World War I through the true stories of people who made a personal stand against war on grounds of conscience, and who looked for another way. The stories shed light on the World War I period, but are also relevant to contemporary society. They are particularly powerful because they allow ordinary people to tell their own stories, accompanied by photographs and illustrations.  The 6 short films are available here:  (there are actually 12 films because they are available in English or Welsh).

New resource for learning in the local environment: The churchyard and burial ground education pack is material aimed at those working with primary aged children. It offers lots of activities and ideas to support the exploration of burial grounds of all kinds. It is available via  

Things to tell children 

Link to YMG: The theme of the Yearly Meeting Gathering Children’s Programme in Bath is ‘I can make a difference’. In this issue of Journeys in the Spirit there is an opportunity for children to be helped to make a difference. The activity this time is about the terrible situation in Gaza. Hearing horrible news from a long way away can be disheartening and disempowering – whatever age you are. This issue’s Topical Activity has links to two organisations working to make a difference in Palestine/Israel – Medical Aid for Palestinians and Combatants for Peace. Have a look and think about how you might help children make a difference.      

Things useful to know 

Facilitation and Leadership training: For young people aged 15 - 21 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 October. This weekend aims to help participants understand groups and the ways they could work as a facilitator and lead groups. For more information:

Southern Summer school: This takes place 16 – 23 August in Saffron Walden for those aged 11 to 14. There are a few places left and even if young people travel from further afield, they are welcome! Details can be found here:  There are bursaries available and young people can be helped to apply for financial support from their meetings as well.

Journeys in the Spirit resource:

The Journeys in the Spirit: children’s work edition was launched in 2007; you can find out more about this by viewing the Journeys in the Spirit: children’s edition web pages that are within Resources on this site. This includes details of how to subscribe to receive this each month.

If you work with young people within a Quaker setting then the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition is for you. Full information about this, including subscription details, can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition web pages that are also within Resources on this site.