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Children and young people's work news

Children and young people's work update

July 2014



Pen(n) Friends: In a previous issue of Journeys in the Spirit news we published a call from Australia Yearly Meeting for children within Britain Yearly Meeting who would like pen friends in Australia. Two meetings in different parts of BYM have already responded to this. If you, on behalf of children in your meeting, would like to express an interest in this idea then email Jenny at:

Children’s event in 2015: The CYP staff team at Friends House are putting together the work plan for 2015 in order to submit the budget request for this work. One idea that has emerged, partly encouraged by Quaker Life Central Committee who oversee the work plans, is to hold a residential event for 8 – 11 year olds (English school years 4 – 6) next Easter. This would be on the theme of next year’s Quaker week Live Adventurously and is planned to take place Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 of April. More details will follow later this year if the idea is approved.

Things to do

Workshop on working with a small group of children with a wide range of ages: Taking place at Canterbury meeting on Saturday 27 September (closing date for bookings 12.9.14). This workshop will equip adults in a Quaker setting to engage with a small group of children with a wide age range, helping to identify effective ways of working and exploring understanding of children’s development. For full details of this and booking information go to

A day for reimagining children and young people’s work at Friends House London, on Saturday 29 November. This day is for Friends in meetings, including young people, elders and overseers, who have an interest in and wish to explore and think about their meeting developing new approaches to engagement with children, young people and families. For details and booking information go to  

Things to use

Three books for children of different ages that link to the themes of Yearly Meeting Gathering:

Tusk Tusk’ by David McKee, 2006, a story about war and peace told through warring elephants. Show More

Show Less

For some notes about ‘Tusk Tusk’

‘Rose of No Man’s Land’ by Anne Perry, 2011. Rosie is in trouble at school again - and only because she struggles with reading. When Rosie picks up an old watch in an antique shop, it transports her to a WWI Red Cross hospital. As a nurse she listens to the men's stories and meets Edith Cavell.

 ‘Truce: The Day the Soldiers Stopped Fighting’ by Jim Murphy, 2009. This tells the true story of the spontaneous Christmas truce that happened on the battlefields of World War I.

Each of these is available through the Quaker Bookshop – 020 766 1030

Things to tell children 

Enjoying Stories weekend at Woodbrooke: This is for 8 – 12 year olds and their parents from Friday 24 to Sunday 26 October. The weekend will offer opportunities to experience different stories through creative writing, Godly Play, theatrical improvisation and listening. People are invited to bring their imagination and sense of fun. Everyone will be creative and surprised. For details go to

Things useful to know

Facilitation and Leadership training: For young people aged 15 - 21 at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (a partnership between Woodbrooke and Quaker Life). Form Friday 10 - Sunday 12 October (arrivals from 5:45pm, with the first session starting at 8:45pm and ending at 3:30pm on the Sunday). This weekend aims to help participants understand groups and the ways they could work as a facilitator and lead groups. For more information:

Journeys in the Spirit writers: Three more volunteer writers are needed for issues of the children’s edition of Journeys in the Spirit to be published from March 2015. Careful support, briefing and advice will be offered to Friends taking up this service. This includes a writers gathering from the evening of 19 September to the afternoon of 20 September 2014 – this will be in Friends House, London; fares and accommodation are covered. If you offer for this service you will be asked for a supporting reference. This is an interesting and sometimes challenging role the fruits of which are used across our Yearly Meeting. Please contact Chris Nickolay, Children’s Work Officer, on 020 7663 1014 or at if you are interested or would like more information.

Journeys in the Spirit resource:

The Journeys in the Spirit: children’s work edition was launched in 2007; you can find out more about this by viewing the Journeys in the Spirit: children’s edition web pages that are within Resources on this site. This includes details of how to subscribe to receive this each month.

If you work with young people within a Quaker setting then the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition is for you. Full information about this, including subscription details, can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition web pages that are also within Resources on this site.