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Children and young people's work news

Children and young people's work update October 2014



Journeys in the Spirit future topics: Last month a group of Journeys in the Spirit children’s work edition writers gathered for 24 hours to consider future topics. There were already issues commissioned until May 2015 and this is now extended to May 2016. The new topics agreed included issues that will link to the 2015 Quaker week theme ‘Live Adventurously’, as well as issues that will tie in with the BYM consideration of ‘Living out our faith in the world’ and issues that will seek to unpack some of the Quaker testimonies. The time the writers spent was enjoyable and engaging as the writing process for future issues of the Journeys in the Spirit children’s work edition began with soul searching and discernment.             

The Leaveners: In addition to the bespoke art, music and drama workshops that the Leaveners offer Meetings throughout the UK, they now offer a range of new workshops that you can commission! Leaveners director Adam Clarke offers a thoughtful theoretical and practical workshop exploring methods of creating artwork in collaboration with natural processes, examining a range ecological and environmental concerns. RelaxAhh provides practical soap making, felt making and paper making workshops, for children and adults.  Workshops focus upon learning how to make ethical, eco-friendly products for you and your friends. Find out more about the soap making workshops at:!relaxahh/c1wtt and find out more about the ecological art workshops at:!ecological-art/cbpr


Things to do

Film Launch – ‘Watford’s Quiet Heroes: resisting the Great War’: The film focuses on the stories of three 'conscientious objectors' in Watford during the First World War, who were all - or who later became - Quakers, but it makes important links with the contemporary conscientious objection. The film launch is at the Pump House Theatre, Watford, on Saturday 4 October at 8pm. 

Tickets are free but you need to book by phoning 01923 269599 or emailing

A day for reimagining children and young people’s work at Friends House London, on Saturday 29 November. This day is for Friends in meetings, including young people, elders and overseers, who have an interest in and wish to explore and think about their meeting developing new approaches to engagement with children, young people and families. For details and booking information go to

Peace Education Schools Outreach day: This day takes place on Tuesday 11 November at Manchester Meeting House. It is aimed at people involved with work with children and young people or those with plans to do some outreach to local schools. Participants will be encouraged to share their peace education experiences or plans. The day is free but places must be booked in advance. For more information or to book a place contact Ellis Brooks on 020 7663 1009.


Things to use Things to tell children 

Christingle resources: The Children’s society has resources for Christingle services that seek to encourage people to stand up for those on the edge of society. Go to or call 0300 30 30 555 to request the free Christingle event guide for 2014.

Resource for Primary Schools: Quaker Peace and Social Witness have produced a new peace education resource for primary schools. Conscience is a World War 1 critical thinking project for use with 7 – 11 year olds. This is available free on line at, printed copies are £5 and can be ordered through the Quaker Centre 020 7663 1030.


Things to tell children 

A film to watch: Celebrating Quaker Work looks at the work of Quakers in 2013 as seen through the eyes of Northumbria Area meeting. It features young people, has images from a children’s meeting and refers to Journeys in the Spirit. All meetings have been sent a DVD copy and it can be watched on line at Why not show children this 15 minute film and ask them to think about what they might say if they starred in a film about Quakers.


Things useful to know 

REforReal: This is a website that invites views about what children need to know and understand about religion and belief and why. The website is and Quaker views are welcome!


Journeys in the Spirit resouce:

The Journeys in the Spirit: children’s work edition was launched in 2007; you can find out more about this by viewing the Journeys in the Spirit: children’s edition web pages that are within Resources on this site. This includes details of how to subscribe to receive this each month.

If you work with young people within a Quaker setting then the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition is for you. Full information about this, including subscription details, can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition web pages that are also within Resources on this site.