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Children and young people's work update April 2015



Live Adventurously: This event for 8 – 11 years taking place 8 – 10 April is full. There are 33 children booked in, coming from England, Scotland and Wales, with 17 boys and 16 girls. They will be engaging in some adventurous activities and reflecting on what it means to live adventurously as a Quaker. They will have the opportunity to contribute to the resources being created for Quaker week later this year. This is the first time BYM has run an event for this age group without the parents also being there. We wish the two staff, three adult volunteers and one young volunteer, as well as the thirty three children, well for this event.     

BYM Children’s Programmes: The Children's Programme (ages 0 to 11) takes place at Friends House on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday of BYM. Although the booking deadline has closed there are still a few spaces left on each age group programme. Each age group will be exploring the theme ‘Is it fair?’  For booking information see

Things to do

Storytelling as theological reflection workshop: At Lancaster Meeting on Saturday 30 May (closing date for bookings is 15.5.15). This workshop considers an approach to storytelling known as ‘Godly Play’, which puts children’s responses at the heart of the experience. The workshop offers the opportunity to experience and try out Godly Play stories. This workshop is open to all. Advance booking necessary, for information and booking details, alternatively email or telephone 020 7663 1013. 

Building relationships in Children’s meeting – nurture and discipline workshop: At Friends House (organised by London Quakers) on Saturday 13 June (closing date for bookings is 29.5.15). This workshop is for people in meetings working with children who wish to develop their skills and approaches or people who are considering working with children in meetings. This workshop is open to all. Advance booking necessary, for information and booking details, email or telephone 020 7663 1013.  

Things to use

Journeys in the Spirit updated catalogue: This catalogue has now been updated to include all 2014’s issues. A copy of this is enclosed with this Journeys in the Spirit to all those who receive a paper copy. Those who receive this by email only can request to be sent this updated catalogue by contacting Thais De Oliveira, on 020 7663 1013 or   

Go Givers resources: This is a bank of resource material to use with children about engaging in a caring way for the world. It has lesson plans on a whole variety of topics, generally with a ready made power point presentation. It has sections aimed at teachers, parents and children. See . 

Things to tell children 

Friends Southern Summer Events: This year Senior Conference (for 15-18 year olds) will be at Sibford, and Junior Gathering (for 11-14 year olds) at Leighton Park from 22 - 29 August. The week of activities, discussions, worship and fun with other young people who share Quaker values is a wonderful experience, and for many young people becomes the main event of the summer! All young people who are active Quakers and attend their Meetings and lots of Quaker activities are welcome, but Junior Gathering and Senior Conference are also a great opportunity for youngsters who don't come to Meeting, perhaps grandchildren or friends of Friends, or who have too much else to do on Sunday mornings. Friends who are in contact with 11-18 year olds can see more about the events at, where you can also download application forms.

Responding to military propaganda in schools: Following a new government backed resource about the military being released for use in schools, Friends have produced a film showing an alternative viewpoint. This can be seen at Maybe show it to older children to balance the messages they may receive at school. 


Things useful to know

Topical activities: This Journeys in the Spirit is the second of the Topical Activity only issues. Thanks to everyone who sent in such positive feedback about the first of these in February. The next three of these feature: in June the Kites not drones campaign; in August the Quaker William Penn and the Magna Carta; in October This Light that pushes me – images and stories of African peace builders.

Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine & Israel (EAPPI) provides protection by presence, monitoring human rights abuses, supporting Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and advocating for an end to the occupation. Ecumenical Accompaniers are currently being recruited, for more information and to download an application pack go to The closing date for applications is Friday, 24 April. 

Journeys in the Spirit resouce:

The Journeys in the Spirit: children’s work edition was launched in 2007; you can find out more about this by viewing the Journeys in the Spirit: children’s edition web pages that are within Resources on this site. This includes details of how to subscribe to receive this each month.

If you work with young people within a Quaker setting then the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition is for you. Full information about this, including subscription details, can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition web pages that are also within Resources on this site.