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Children and young people's work news

Children and young people's work update

April 2014



Tall Ship event: From Monday 14 to Saturday 19 April 40 young people from across BYM will be sailing the Tall Ship Stavros S Niarchos on the Irish Sea. Follow their adventure by reading the blog that will be updated throughout the voyage, this is also where departure information will be published in case those near to Liverpool would like to wave the crew off on Tuesday 15 April when, after a day of training, they depart for the high seas!

New CYP administrator: On Monday 31 March Thais De Oliveira starts work as Quaker Life Support Officer; this role includes being the CYP administrator. Thais (pronounced Tai- eese) has been working for the past 2 years in the Quaker Centre, prior to that she worked in a law office in Brazil. David will also continue in this role until 2 May, so we hope that the handover will be as smooth as possible. There is a lot for Thais to learn and we wish her well in her new role.


Things to do

Workshops on being ready for children in your meeting: This workshop takes place 26 April in Peterborough (closing date for bookings 11.4.14), 7 June in Glasgow (closing date for bookings 23.5.14), 7 June in Cardiff (closing date for bookings 25.5.14) and 21 June in York (closing date for bookings 6.6.14). For more details of this workshop and for information on how to book onto one of these opportunities go to 

Storytelling as theological reflection workshop: Taking place at Friends House (organised by London Quakers) on Saturday 7 June (closing date for bookings is 23 May). This workshop considers an approach to storytelling known a ‘Godly Play’, which puts children’s responses at the heart of the experience. The workshop offers the opportunity to experience and try out Godly Play stories. This workshop is open to all. Advance booking is essential, for more information and booking details go to, alternatively email or telephone 020 7663 1013. 

Quaker Musical: The Perfect City tells the story of William Penn’s remarkable quest to overcome tyranny, injustice and persecution in the 1600s, to build the perfect city thousands of miles away in America. This is taking place throughout May in a variety of venues including meeting houses in Cambridge, Brighton, Jordans, Dorking and London. For details go to



Things to use

Topical activities with this issue: Unusually, there are two Topical Activities with this issue. The first is a continuation of the activity in Issue 85. This was about Easter and the significance of eggs at this time of year. That activity promised stories about the Christian story of Easter from a Quaker perspective – these are in Topical Activity 1. Topical Activity 2 has come from CYP staff and Quaker Peace and Social Witness staff working together. QPSW have just produced some new and different posters – see . To coincide with the publication of the posters we were asked to write plans for a children’s meeting and for a meeting for worship for all ages, based on one of the posters. These are in the activity along with a small copy of the poster.

All age drama: Watford meeting recently used the story of Thomas Lurting and his encounter with pirates in the Mediterranean Sea as the basis for an all age activity and worship. To have a look at the format they used for this and to access both the play script and the chapter of the book from which this was taken go to



Things to tell children 

Yearly Meeting Gathering children’s programme is full: There are over 130 0 – 11 year olds booked on this all age Quaker event at Bath in August. However all children can be involved in exploring the YMG theme as the next three issues of the children’s edition of Journeys in the Spirit are written to enable children to consider ‘what it means to be a Quaker today’. The first is on being a Quaker and a child, the second on Quakers in the world and the third on how we can change the world. 


Things useful to know

Changes to Journeys in the Spirit proposed for 2015: From 2015 it is planned to produce a children’s edition of Journeys in the Spirit as currently (without the topical activity) every other month. In the intervening month subscribers would be sent an augmented topical activity. So subscribers would still be sent resources to use with children each month. The reasons for this proposal are: meetings having a weekly children’s meeting are in the minority and it is felt that what is proposed offers plenty of material for meetings who meet fortnightly or monthly; the topical activities are great but often missed; this will reduce the workload of the volunteer writers and CYP staff. We are sharing this now as a decision about this will be taken by Quaker Life Central Committee in June ahead of the need to recruit writers for next year. If you think this is a bad idea simply send an email to with Bad Idea in the title by the end of April, these responses will be noted by the Committee making the decision about this.     


Journeys in the Spirit resource

The Journeys in the Spirit: children’s work edition was launched in 2007; you can find out more about this by viewing the Journeys in the Spirit: children’s edition web pages that are within Resources on this site. This includes details of how to subscribe to receive this each month.

If you work with young people within a Quaker setting then the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition is for you. Full information about this, including subscription details, can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit: youth work edition web pages that are also within Resources on this site.