For people who work with Quakers aged 0 to 11. Quaker Life children and young people's work staff team have developed a range of ideas, activities and resources to help support children's meeting and engagement with Quaker children in other settings.

All of the resources that are listed here are free and available for use in a Quaker context with children.

Use the links provided to download the resources. If you would like to ask for paper copies of any of these resources please contact the CYP administrator or 020 7663 1013.

Resources for ages 0 to 11

    Journeys in the Spirit

    Children's work edition

    This is a resource providing materials for adult Quakers working with children aged 5 to 12 in Quaker meetings, all age events, residential gatherings and camps. It comes out every month and is free by subscription.

    More information can be found on the Journeys in the Spirit webpage.

    We have also developed a special issue of Journeys in the Spirit for working with children aged 0 to 4.

    Being ready for children

    This is a guide about being ready for children in Quaker meetings where there is not a children's meeting for worship. It has been developed with meetings in mind where children and families are not regular or occasional visitors.

    The message of this guide is simple – it is important to be ready for children. It answers four key questions:

    • Why be ready?
    • What does a meeting need to do to be ready?
    • What does a meeting need to have to be ready?
    • What might you do to engage with families and children?

    Download Being ready for children (PDF)

    Chatterbox resource for children

    This engaging and inventive resource takes the form of the popular 'chatterbox' or 'fortune teller' children's game. Children can use it to think about their own Quaker faith and, more importantly, they can do with others to share about Quakers. It is also ideal for anyone visiting schools or meeting with groups of children. Developed by Quaker Life Outreach and the Children and Young People's team, this resource contains text written by Quaker children expressing what is most central and important for them.

    To request the Chatterbox resource contact the CYP administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    Engaging with Schools - Outreach with Children and Young People

    This resource has been created to support Friends and Quaker meetings working with schools and other groups of children and young people visiting the meeting house. It also contains ideas for talks, discussions and sessions for anyone visiting a school or other group.

    Download Engaging with Schools (PDF)

    Let's explore the Quaker way

    This new book, written and illustrated by Rebecca Price, creator of the children's booklet Quaker meeting and me, explores the Quaker values of truth, peace, simplicity and equality. Set in a delightful garden, three children explore how important these values are. Aimed at 3 to 8 year olds, though appealing to all ages, it is hoped this will be the starting point for many conversations and the first steps in learning to live well in a challenging world.

    Download Let's explore the Quaker way (PDF)

    Quaker meeting and me

    This booklet is intended to help children find a way into Quaker meeting for worship. As we can't see what goes on in other people's minds during meeting, images from a garden are used to illustrate its different aspects.

    This book can be used as a starting point for conversation between children and adults, and also as a focus to help children settle and centre during meeting for worship.

    To request a booklet contact the CYP administrator or 020 7663 1013.

    What about the children in our meeting?

    This leaflet aims to help a meeting review, reconsider and set realistic plans for its work with children. It is short, simply written and practical to use.

    You can download this leaflet in its pdf format so that you can save a copy to print for your own. Paper copies are available from the children and young people's work staff team, using the contact details. The main document is accompanied by two worksheets which can be used together as a complete package.



    Building our children's meeting, how to do it

    This is an exploration of the elements of children's meeting for worship. It has lots of suggestions of things to do and approaches to plan a meeting for worship for children that is as enriching as meeting for worship can be for older Friends.


    Building our children's meeting, how to do it


    Download Building our children's meeting, how to do it (PDF)

    Creating a leaflet about children in meeting

    Here we offer ways to think about, design and produce a leaflet to give to families, parents and carers when they first arrive at your local meeting.

    We have provided examples of leaflets produced by a variety of local meetings in a variety of formats and content. Read these through and think about what you might need a leaflet to include. It should reflect what happens in your meeting, what is offered and what is promised.

    Download: Example Leaflet Harrogate Meeting.pdf

    Download: Example Leaflet Lancaster Meeting.pdf

    Download: Example Leaflet Abingdon Meeting.pdf

    Here are some links for three simple blank template ideas that you can work on yourself:

    Download: A5 Fold Children's Leaflet Template.doc

    Download: A4 Fold Children's Leaflet Template.doc

    Download: A4 Children's Leaflet Template with boxes.doc

    Some detailed guidance

    What should it look like:

    Friendly, colourful and simple. Include a picture of the meeting house and children's meeting if possible. Easy for children to hold.

    What to include:

    A simple outline of what happens in your children's meeting – what is done, who are the helpers or leaders and how people behave and look after each other. You might include a picture of an activity. Include some detail about what a child might expect to do at different times of a session.

    Reassurance for parents and carers about things that might initially worry them about their child or children being in a Quaker meeting. This could include something about children or babies burbling, crying, whispering, moving between parents, picking up a book and so on.

    Discuss and include something about your meetings view of when parents should stay in children's meeting and when children should be left so that parents and carers can go to their meeting for worship.

    Discuss and include something about when children come into and leave the main meeting.

    Include a very brief outline of your safeguarding policy and who is responsible.

    Please go to resources for children to help you in your thinking, preparation and planning for children's meeting.


    Resources and support for children and young people's work

    The children and young people's work staff team in Quaker Life produces a catalogue of ideas, activities and resources. It is available to meetings and gives details of:

    • the free resources that are available,
    • the training that can be accessed by individuals or meetings,
    • the support that exists for those doing work with children and young people, and
    • the range of events that take place for children and young people.

    We hope that this is helpful to you.


    Resources and support for children and young people's work catalogue



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