For people who work with Quakers aged 0 to 11. Quaker Life children and young people's work staff team have developed a range of ideas, activities and resources to help support children's meeting and engagement with Quaker children in other settings.

All of the resources that are listed here are free and available for use in a Quaker context with children.

Use the links provided to download the resources. If you would like to ask for paper copies of any of these resources please contact the CYP administrator or 020 7663 1013.

Resources for ages 0 to 11


    Let's explore the Quaker way

    A beautiful book which explores Quaker values of truth, peace, simplicity and equality. For children aged 3-8 but also enjoyed by all ages. Download Let's explore the Quaker way (PDF).

    Quaker meeting and me

    A lovely book which helps children explore and understand meeting for worship. Download Quaker meeting and me (PDF).


    Being ready for children

    A short guide for meetings who do not have children's meeting. This leaflet tells you how to prepare and support families who visit occasionally. (PDF).

    What about the children in our meeting?

    A guide for meetings to plan their work with children. This is a short, simple and practical leaflet. Download 'What about the children in our meeting?' (PDF).

    Resource packs

    Building our children's meeting

    A resource to help meetings explore how to create children's meeting. This covers hard questions and tricky decisions and also has practical tips. Download Building our children's meeting (PDF).

    Chatterbox for children

    This classic children's game has been created to help children talk, think and learn about the Quaker faith. It includes words from Quaker children who express what is important to them. Request a Chatterbox at 020 7663 1013 or

    Journeys in the Spirit

    Journeys in the Spirit is a free monthly resource for adults who work with children. There are two editions aimed at work with older and younger children. Subscribe and read the catalogue on the Journeys in the Spirit web page.

    Paper copies of all the items on this page can be ordered from us. Please email us and tell us what you want.

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