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28 November 2014

Children need peace education

Britain is the only country in the EU to recruit 16 year olds to the Armed Forces. Quakers believe that schools receiving input from the military should also include peace education in their curriculum.

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13 October 2014

We believe that a world is possible where relationships between communities and nations are based on justice and respect, rather than military might.

'You cannot foster harmony by the apparatus of discord, nor cherish goodwill by the equipment of hate.  But it is by harmony and goodwill that human security can be obtained.' (Quaker Faith and Practice 24.40)

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8 October 2014

Stemming from Quakers' challenge to answer 'that of God' in every person, QPSW is committed to working for peace and justice through nonviolent social change.

Nonviolence challenges war, violence and injustice by focusing on the root causes of oppressive use of power, fear and separation. It does not seek to evade conflict, but instead creates alternative approaches to enable conflict to be waged creatively and without harm.

The Quaker commitment to nonviolence and the vision that it represents is known as the 'Quaker peace testimony'.

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26 August 2014

 See also the links on the left to visit pages on peace courses, current vigils, resources and links, and to join our regular email update list (email list is for Quakers only).

Events Listing

21 September – International Day of Peace

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29 January 2014

Disarm... for Peace has now been replaced by Educate and Disarm - a joint newsletter of the Peace & Disarmament programme and the Peace Education programme.

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18 December 2013

Do you want to take action for peace and learn more about the issues?

Peace Exchange is a resource helping Quakers and non-Quakers alike to do exactly that. It is updated every fortnight. Use the links below to browse Peace Exchange.

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25 July 2013

EAPPI videos on the international website - opens in new window.

A short movie about volunteers working as Human Rights observers in Hebron and surroundings, in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. They witness the daily life of people living under constant military occupation. May 2013

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15 May 2013

January 2011 marked the 350th anniversary of the declaration of the Quaker peace testimony to Charles II.

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8 May 2013

Around the world Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW) works in partnership with local nonviolent and social justice groups to confront injustice and prejudice and to increase communication and understanding.

These partnerships are with a range of people and organisations that work in their communities on a daily basis to try to heal the divisions of the past and present and to create a better future.

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8 May 2013

Peace is not a dirty word

There has been a tendency for those of us in the peace education field to shy away from referring to it as such. In an effort to sell education for peace, we have packaged it to fit with the PSHE and Citizenship agenda, calling it human rights, conflict resolution, anti-bullying… anything to make it less problematic for schools. Each of these is an element of educating children and young people to be peaceable, to appreciate the potential of conflict when handled creatively, and to celebrate difference.

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