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Beyond Conflict, Peace

Burundi is at a crossroads. After more than a decade of civil war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, a tenuous peace has been reached. In 2010, the general election offered an opportunity to consolidate that peace. It also carried with it the risk of renewed violence. Before, during and since the election Quakers are working at local, national, and international levels to help create the conditions necessary for reconciliation and integration.Two-women-three-goats-web.jpg

QPSW in Burundi

QPSW is partnering with Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) and Training Centre for the Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC) to support local Quaker peacebuilding efforts in Burundi. Two QPSW Peaceworkers are working alongside these two local organizations, providing essential human resources in capacity building and advocacy. HROC's and CEDAC's established presence in Burundi provides a channel for QPSW to offer its own resources to Friends there.

Two new Peaceworkers arrived in Burundi in the autumn.

To learn how last year's workers got on, read their Journal Letters.

Our Partner Organisation: HROC

Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) is a part of the Africa Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams. The staff of the HROC programme in Burundi concentrate their efforts in six specific up-country communities in order to make a decisive difference in healing those communities. At each site healing companions conduct basic HROC workshops, follow-up days, and community celebrations in their community.

Our Partner Organisation: CEDAC

The Centre for the Education and Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC) is a non-partisan organisation that aims to support former soldiers to re-integrate socio-economically through training, peacebuilding and development projects, human rights promotion and grassroots community initiatives. CEDAC has assisted with the re-integration of 25,000 ex-combatants across Burundi.