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Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) works on behalf of Quakers in Britain. It is thanks to contributions from Friends that we are able to undertake this work which arises from our discerned leadings.There are many ways we can contribute, including time and skills as well as money.

We value your support and ask you to uphold the work and consider finding out more about how you can get involved. You might be interested in having a look at an overview of our projects.

If you think you might be willing to be more actively involved with the life of the yearly meeting then please consider completing the offer of service leaflet. Or you might be interested in the Quaker Life Network.

This year we are asking, as a guide, for £150 from every Quaker. In this way we hope to achieve our target of £2.1 million from contributions to secure our work. We know this is a big ask for some and within easy reach for others. Let us give what we can, and be joyous and cheerful in our giving.

Thank you for making the work possible.

Contribution 2014 leaflet

Contribution 2014 document [PDF: 1.8mb - opens in a new window]

Contribution 2014 forms (including Gift Aid)

Giving through a meeting [PDF: 812kb - opens in a new window]

Giving direct to Britain Yearly Meeting [PDF: 812kb - opens in a new window]

Separate Gift Aid form [PDF: 716kb - new window]

If you would like paper copies, please contact Daniel Pearce on 020 7866 9508 or email

You can also make an online one-off donation to support Quaker work or set up regular giving online. This service is managed for Britain Yearly Meeting by CAF online – you can find out more information about how this works here at making an online donation to BYM.

Below are some snippets about some of the Quaker work that your contribution is supporting. You can click on the first two stories two learn more about them. In the coming weeks and months, more stories will be added so that you can learn about the work. They are also intended to be used to speak about Quaker work at collections after meeting for worship.

When you give money to Britain Yearly Meeting, to witness through action:

When you give money to Britain Yearly Meeting, to support meetings

  • You are helping to meet children and young people's need for spiritual development and participation.
  • You are helping to develop resources for Friends that deal with sensitive subjects, such as mental health, within meetings.

When you give money to Britain Yearly Meeting, to promote Quakerism

  • You are sending out enquirers' packs to newcomers to the Quaker way.
  • You are sharing Quaker concerns and values with those in power.

When you give money to Britain Yearly Meeting, to sustain church and faith

  • You are ensuring that our yearly meeting is well governed.
  • You are sharing issues, experience and good practice through Quaker Life Representative Council.