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Aims of Quaker Peace & Social Witness (QPSW)

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  • Quaker Peace & Social Witness is a hub for local and national Quaker action for peace and justice and is committed to nonviolent social change.
  • All our work strives to reflect and express Quaker testimonies to peace and nonviolence, simplicity, equality and community, and truth and integrity.
  • We support Quaker witness in local communities and represent Quakers at a national level to parliament, government and the general public.
  • QPSW aims to respond adventurously to leadings of the Spirit in our work for peace and social witness.
  • QPSW undertakes only such work as is appropriate for a Britain-wide, Quaker body.
  • By providing information and briefings, promoting good practice and facilitating contacts among meetings and groups, we will help to strengthen Quaker witness throughout Britain Yearly Meeting.
  • At all times we engage with groups in Britain and abroad that seek to achieve peace and social justice by their transforming work.
  • We will engage with groups, including Friends' meetings and other Quaker and non-Quaker groups in Britain and across the world, to support them and learn from them in whatever way we can. We will work in spheres where we have expertise and experience, wherever in the world we are called to do so.