Quakers in Britain are also known as Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM). Our organisation is made up of lots of voluntary groups and committees, supported by paid staff.

Attenders and members

Everyone is welcome to attend a Quaker meeting. When someone regularly attends a particular meeting, they are called an 'attender'.

Attenders can become Quaker members. Membership is a two-sided process involving the individual on their spiritual journey and their Quaker faith community.

All attenders and members are encouraged to get involved in Quaker activities – contributing their time, energy, skills or money. Members can also be invited to serve in particular ways, by becoming a clerk or joining a central committee.

Local and area meetings

Local meetings are where Quakers come together to worship. All meetings are different and work in slightly different ways.

Area meetings are made up of a number of local Quaker meetings. Area meeting is the primary business meeting for Quakers and is also a worshipping community. Area meetings are charities and appoint trustees, who work on behalf of all Quakers in the area.

Meeting for Sufferings

Meeting for Sufferings is the standing representative body of Quakers in Britain. It meets five or six times a year, and attends to the business of the yearly meeting through the year. Members of Meeting for Sufferings have to be appointed.

Yearly Meeting

British Quakers hold an assembly once a year. All members can attend (and attenders, with permission). The Yearly Meeting has a range of committees which oversee different parts of Quaker work. Quakers from across Britain are appointed to these committees.

Britain Yearly Meeting

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) is the national body of Quakers in Britain. It is a registered charity and has trustees, appointed by Yearly Meeting. All area meetings in Britain are linked to Britain Yearly Meeting.